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Ssh tunnel for security web access in insecure web connection

Use ssh tunnel is a good way to get web security in public
wireless connection. I did this experiment tonight.

Set up sshd service in my Arch

  • Allow sshd in /etc/hosts.allow, check /etc/hosts.deny
  • Choose port number other than 22 for security reason
  • Choose protocol version 2
  • add it as daemon at /etc.rc.conf
  • start it =/etc/rc.d/sshd restart

Configure client

  • For linux, simply run : ssh -D 5555 xxx@ip  -p port
  • putty setting (you can download putty here)
    At tunnel section, Add a source port,e.g.5555, select Auto and Dynamic

  • Firefox setting (you can download firefox here)
    add as socket 5. If you want DNS to be translated
    securely, in firefox, input about:config, then change to

For speed up settings, check

out and search ssh


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